I believe I have the best career in the world, working in an industry which rewards me and my team by stretching our creative side through embracing the very latest in technology to deliver seamless audio visual to clients.
10 years of experience both on site and in-house has rewarded me with award winning installations from small to large projects where my business and creative ideas materialize in clients homes. I’m motivated by partnering with clients to share my knowledge on new age technology and how this can be adopted to simply the way we live – life is to be enjoyed.
Maintenance is often overlooked when it comes to smart homes/audio visual so all of our design work is built on the philosophy of simplicity which extends to maintenance, ensuring this task is not complex or daunting.
High Tech installations are constantly evolving we are continually building and maintaining relationships with different trades to stay ahead of the curve and ensure our knowledge is unparalleled to ensure industry best practice. Function and form are both equally important when delivering projects which are executed to an exceptionally high standard at JPE Audio Visual. Delivering projects on time and budget is made easy through our strong approach to program and project management, we do what we say we will do. I believe in simple technology, beautiful homes.